Load Cells


The Flexible All-Rounder for Industrial Weighing. The HLCM weighing module provides precise results up to C3 accuracy class. It is robust and available in many different versions. Thus, it is ideally used in a wide range of industrial applications.


Precise Weighing Modules for Maximum Stability. The Z6M and Z6AM weighing modules provide maximum precision up to C6 accuracy class (C3 for Z6M) and offer high stability, even in case of strong lateral forces.


RTN/M. Weigh Module for RTN Load Cells 1 t - 33 t


The Robust Load Cell for All Heavy Loads. The self-restoring C16A load cells are extremely robust, reliable, and versatile and can also be used for very high loads.


Versatile and Robust. The robust C2 series load cells made of stainless-steel have an excellent dynamic fatigue strength and a particularly flat design. The C2A version meets the OIML R60 requirements up to the C4 accuracy class.


Outstanding Weighing Technology for Extremely Heavy Loads RTN ring torsion load cells are available with extremely high maximum capacities, offer unrivaled precision and are particularly robust.


Precise Weighing of Suspended Tanks in Harsh Environments. The RSCC tension load cell can weigh loads precisely up to 5 t with an accuracy class of C3. It is legal for trade and has an IP68 degree of protection for use in harsh industrial environments.


Successfully Used in Millions of Applications. The Z6 load cell is the original bending beam load cell that ensures precise measurement results and offers particularly high protection and flexible use.


The Ideal Load Cell for Any Application - Precise and Robust. HLC load cells are precise, particularly robust and, due to their standard dimensions, can be quickly adapted to virtually any application.