Force Transducers


Force Sensor for a Wide Range of Measurement Tasks. The multifunctional C10 force transducer is ideally suited for test bench and laboratory applications as well as for demanding tasks in production.


Precision and excellent protection. S9M offers you an extremely precise, rugged and convenient S-shaped force transducer. Typical fields of application include test benches and torque measurements with a lever as well as production and monitoring tasks.


Precise and economical, with overload protection. The S2M S-type load cell is the most accurate of its kind and is ideally suited for smaller forces: The smallest measuring range is 10 N. The S2M also features an excellent price-to-performance ratio.


Dependable, Cost-Effective, and Precise – Also available for Large Compressive Forces. The C18 reference transducer is well-suited for use as a transfer device or as a reference sensor in calibration machines. 5 MN versions are also available for extremely large forces.


Small, dynamic and immediately ready for use. It fits into any space: The C9C miniature force sensor is ideal for measuring compressive force where space is a constraint and, at the same time, it is very cost-effective.


Large Forces, Low Costs. The C6B can be used when large compressive forces need to be measured in a cost-effective way. The force transducer is robust and flexible and is ideal for use in harsh environments and dynamic measurement tasks.


The Original for Compressive Force Measurement. Tried and Tested a Thousand Times Over. The C2 load cell is the industry standard when it comes to compressive force measurement: reliable, robust and durable.


Combining Technology with Experience. The amazingly cost-effective U15 force transducer is ideally suited for use both as a transfer standard and as a reference sensor in calibration machines. The U15 reference transducer is the perfect choice for demanding test benches requiring minimal displacements combined with high accuracy and a high output signal.


Precise, Robust and Easily Adaptable. The U10 (U10M, U10S) force transducer is ideally suited for test bench applications and challenging tasks in production.

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