Torque Transducers


Calibration of Measurement Systems. With outstanding precision and stability, the TN torque transfer transducer is ideal for comparing National Institutes or to ensure traceability in accredited calibration laboratories


TTS. Transfer Torque Wrench For Calibration


The space-saving choice for precise torque measurements. The reference torque transducer TB1A has a particularly high stiffness and can be used with its flat design even in very small spaces.


The standard for reference torque measurement The reference torque transducer TB2 is an extremely precise and economical solution for the calibration of torque sensors.


T40MAR. Torque Transducer for Monitoring and Control of Ship Engines


The Standard For Dynamic Torques. The T40FM torque transducer offers an excellent price-to-performance ratio, returns reliably precise measurement results and is easy to integrate.


Accuracy for Extremely High Torque. The T40FH digital torque flange for high torque up to 300 kN·m


The All-Rounder For Test Benches. Cost-effective, robust and precise. The versatile T40B torque sensor is ideally suited for test bench applications in research and development, as well as End-of-Line tests (EoL) in production


Setting the Standard in Precision. The T12HP torque transducer offers exceptional precision and superior performance for dynamic measurements in test benches to increase efficiency and optimize functionality.

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