The Robust Load Cell for All Heavy Loads. The self-restoring C16A load cells are extremely robust, reliable, and versatile and can also be used for very high loads.

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  1. General Details

    Type C16A Self-Restoring Load Cell: Reliable Weighing up to 400 Tons

    The C16 rocker pin load cells ensure optimal force application, are especially robust and allow for precise weighing up to a maximum capacity, ranging from 20 to 400 tons—and an accuracy class up to C5 per OIML R60. They are also suitable for use in harsh environments, for example, in weighbridges for road or rail vehicles or for level measurement in silos. In addition, C16A load cells with IP 69K degree of protection and explosion proof IECEx-ATEX design are also available. A rotation stop, Ooervoltage protection, and robust cable variants offer additional protection.

    • Accuracy class: up to C5
    • Maximum capacity: 20 to 400 tons
    • Degrees of protection: IP68 and IP69K


    • Accuracy class up to C5 (corresponds to OIML class III)
    • Legal for trade weighing system of up to 5,000 divisions
    • 6-wire configuration for compensating changes in resistance and cables that can be cut to length individually
    • Self-restoring and equipped with rotation stop that prevents rotation about the y-axis
    • Optimized for parallel connection including off-center load compensation


    • Load cell made of stainless steel
    • Not affected by temperature variations
    • IP68/IP69K degree of protection ensures durability under permanent humidity and dirt
    • EMC tested per IEC 45501:2015
    • Extremely robust, thanks to optional TPE-0 cable sheath
    • Overvoltage protection
    • Load cell with self-restoring rocker pin/rocker column design


    • Different maximum capacities are available: 20 t, 30 t, 40 t, 60 t, 100 t, 200 t, and 400 t
    • Cable lengths up to 40 m available, optionally with braided wire or TPE-0 cable sheath in red signal color
    • Approved per OIML R60 and other internationally recognized certification standards
    • Easy and fast integration, also into existing systems
    • An explosion-proof version is available (e.g.: IECEx + ATEX zone 1/21

    C16A Versions and Accessories

    Available as:

    • Accuracy class D1 version, up to 400 t
    • Accuracy class C3 version, up to 100 t
    • Accuracy class C4 version, up to 60 t
    • With lightning protection, up to 30 t
    • Explosion-proof version, up to 60 t

    An extensive range of accessories, such as cables, which meet the highest requirements in terms of durability, is available.

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