Rittmeyer Brugg


ROTARY ENCODERS. A system for exact position, distance, and level measurements – RIPOS und RIPOS smart absolute encoders are well-suited for a variety of water management applications.


ABSOLUTE ENCODERS. Optimal water supply regulation without additional gear or linkage – the RIVERT and RIVERT smart absolute encoders deliver high precision angle measurements.

Level Sensor

Designed for harsh environments: The level sensors of the MPx series are robust and durable. These advanced piezoresistive pressure transmitters deliver a variety of measurements, such as surface water levels or well levels, and are a perfect addition to the Rittmeyer measurement systems.


A VERSATILE PRESSURE MEASUREMENT SOLUTION. Versatile, low maintenance, and cost-effective: RIPRESS smart is a compact all-in-one pressure measuring solution for a variety of water-based applications. The controller with galvanically isolated inputs and outputs, integrated web server and predefined formulas for cylinders and balls provides for easy measurement configurations and diagnostics. With up to four measuring points RIPRESS smart facilitates accurate measurements for level, flow, volume calculations and rake monitoring arrangements.


HIGH PRECISION LEVEL MEASUREMENT SYSTEM. Durable and maintenance-free - RIPRESS premium provides high precision hydrostatic and pneumatic measurements for exact storage volume calculations, e.g. in reservoirs, to optimize the water management and to save costs.

Flow Sensor

Rittmeyer offers precision flow sensors for closed pipes as well as open channels and partly filled pressure tunnels. The flow in closed pipes can be measured both with sensors mounted to the inside or outside of the pipe as well as non-invasive sensors installed on a mounting frame on the outside of the pipe.


Flow Measurement System. RISONIC modular, a modular measurement system for specific hydroengineering applications, was developed for ultrasonic flow measurements in filled and partially filled pipes and open channels. Whether for penstock monitoring, turbine and pump efficiency measurements or flow measurements in irrigation systems or water supplies, the system’s modular design provides a broad spectrum of applications and measurement setups with up to 20 measuring paths.


YOUR BENEFITS : Precise, robust flow measurement, Fast installation, Easy commissioning, Pre-set path configurations, Web-interface and wizard, Two paths and pipes, Flexible pipe-materials, Latest IT- and Cyber security, Integration into plant systems, Data logger feature, Remote access control/monitoring, IoT and Rittmeyer RITUNE® capable, No drift, No re-calibration, No de-watering, No pipe-cutting.