Pressure Transducers


Measuring Pressure Reliably Using an Integrated Amplifier. The robust P2VA1 and P2VA2 pressure transmitters are suitable for demanding industrial applications.


The Robust Pressure Transducer for Use in Harsh Hydraulic Applications. The P8AP pressure transducer precisely measures pressure up to 500 bar with an accuracy class of 0.3. It is corrosion-resistant and robust and thus, ideal for industrial applications.


The Pressure Transducer for the Manufacturing Industry. The P3IC and P3ICP pressure transducers are well-suited to be used for dynamic and static pressure measurement and have an integrated temperature sensor.

P3 Top Class

The Number One in High-Pressure Measurement. The P3 Top Class BlueLine pressure transducer measures extremely high pressure up to 15,000 bar with outstanding precision; it thus complies with the highest demands in research and development.

P3MBP Blueline

High-End, High-Pressure Transducer. The P3MBP BlueLine pressure transducer can measure extremely high pressures up to 15,000 bar, due to its robust design and standard connectors that enables precise measurement in industrial applications.


Top-class Pressure Transducer with Extensive Test Record. Setting high industry standards, the P3 Top Class series of pressure transducers provides high-precision measurements and have only a small measurement uncertainty.