April 18, 2018

Tractor Setup With PT300DW™ Wheel Load Scales From Intercomp

Intercomp Company (USA) – The proper setup of the weight ballast and tire pressure of tractors provides maximum floatation and reduced compaction, increasing yields while saving on tire wear and fuel consumption. With the size and power of today’s tractors, coupled with numerous implement combinations, correct weight ballast is critical. Up to 33% of horsepower can be lost from improper inflation and ballast.

Intercomp’s PT300DW™ portable wheel load scales provide a practical and cost-effective solution to obtain individual wheel weights and percentages on large agricultural equipment.

The PT300DW™’s 3″ pad height makes weighing large floatation tires on unimproved surfaces possible. The scales are easy to deploy and have solar charging capability to increase scaling time without the need to charge the scales. Built-in RFX™ Wireless Weighing capability eliminates the potential of damaging a cable and allows up to six scale pads to communicate and display a totalized weight, or communicate with a wireless handheld indicator.

A setup procedure done on the tractor provides increased tire life and puts more horsepower to the ground, improving fuel efficiency and decreasing the operation’s costs. This can be included as a value-add at the tire dealer/co-op level, or sold at a later date to existing customers. Alternatively, due to the ease of use, farm operations can conveniently customize tire pressure and ballast to their specific application, ensuring tractors are properly set up throughout the growing season.

This service will quickly differentiate tire dealers from competitors and help to justify tire investments and win new business. The end result of the performance gained when the tractor is properly configured using Intercomp’s PT300DW™, can be seen immediately by the farmer.

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