March 20, 2018

Southwest Airlines Selects Intercomp Aircraft Platform Scales For Multiple Locations

Intercomp Company (USA) – Intercomp announced the order of five sets of AC40-LP low profile platform scale systems for multiple Southwest Airlines locations. With a fleet of almost 700 planes, Southwest is the world’s largest operator of Boeing 737 aircraft in the world.

Southwest Airlines has been using Intercomp scales for over ten years. However, as a result of the 2011 merger with AirTran, they acquired scales which use hydraulic load sensing technology. Realizing the need to standardize on one supplier and scale technology to provide reliably consistent and accurate scale readings, Southwest conducted research and scale evaluations to determine which company and type of technology would provide the best weight & balance equipment for their operations. In addition to performance evaluations, intrinsically safe product certification was desired to ensure compliance with fire safety and electrical codes.

The airline selected Intercomp’s low-profile aircraft scales based on quality of scales and accessories, solid-state technology, and ease of use. The fully electronic, certified intrinsically safe scales provide unequalled accuracy and repeatability desired for weight & balance operations, and meet the required safety certifications for potential trapped fuel circumstances. Incorporating GaugeSense™ technology, the wireless, low-profile scales allow for accurate and repeatable weighing with temperature compensation, position insensitivity, and angle load mitigation incorporated into the scales.

Coupled with ACWeigh™ Software, Southwest Airlines uses the scales and software for weight and balance operations providing accurate weighing records across their service locations. This software facilitates all steps of the weighing process: manage the scales and collect data wirelessly, detailed record keeping, and generating reports.

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