WTX 120

Weighing Technology Excellence. The high-performance WTX120 weighing terminal makes the most out of your measurement chain: Achieve excellence in weighing technology!

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  1. General Details

    WTX120: Industrial and Legal for Trade Weighing Terminal

    Any analog load cell based on strain gauges can be connected to the WTX120 industrial and rail-mountable weighing terminal. The weight indicator is ideally suited for filling, dosing and sorting plants and machines and offers everything you’d expect from modern weighing electronics: It can be integrated into standard industrial control systems thanks to industrial Ethernet and Fieldbus interfaces. Push buttons, display and text navigation allow for effortless on-site operation. As an additional benefit, the intuitive HBM weighing software PanelX helps you with start-up or maintenance.

    Connectivity guaranteed

    • Industrial Ethernet (PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, Modbus-TCP) and Fieldbus (PROFIBUS DP) interfaces
    • Analog output (mA, V/DC), digital inputs and outputs and serial interfaces (RS485, RS232)
    • Daisy chain based on integrated network switch

    Easy and comfortable

    • 5 buttons and big, illuminated screen for on-site start-up
    • HBM weighing software PanelX
    • Standard Ethernet TCP service interface

    Weighing technology excellence

    • Functions for dynamic filling and dosing
    • Highest industrial resolution up to 30,000d
    • Highest Legal for Trade resolution of 10,000e (OIML certified)
    • High-speed data rate up to 800 Hz
    • Up to 120.000 legal for trade memory
    • Engineered and made in Germany

    Beyond Components: Complete Weighing Solutions by HBM

    Opting for the WTX120 weight indicator, you get more than just a single high-class component. HBM offers you a complete weighing solution adaptable to your needs: From sensors through to software and service. As a global technology and market leader, we can give you the service you need, when and where you need it. Just get in touch!

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