QuantumX Series

QuantumX: The Universal and Distributable Data Acquisition System.

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QuantumX: The Universal and Distributable Data Acquisition System

The QuantumX data acquisition system (DAQ) is the perfect tool for all of your test and measurement needs. For reliable data acquisition of different physical quantities and sensor technologies, QuantumX is the preferred choice. It has the unique capability to acquire any signal and sensor information.


  • Every module is a data acquisition unit
  • Mobile and stand-alone for vehicle testing
  • Integrated in real-time for bench testing
  • Portable for service jobs
  • Permanently installed in monitoring applications


  • Established in the market for 10 years and trusted by thousands of customers
  • High measurement accuracy due to patented technology
  • Long-term stability along with an integrated calibration certificate

A Reliable Measurement Chain

The highly precise, universal, and reliable data acquisition system QuantumX can be combined perfectly with HBM’s sensors and the catman software to have a complete measurement and testing solution. From the sensor to the software: simply “plug and measure”.