proven over a hundred thousand times. The PW15 and SP4M load cells have the same dimensions with a common "footprint" and at the same time different specifications - this makes them extremely flexible in use.

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  1. General Details

    Load cells SP4M and PW15 …: weigh up to 200 kg and up to the highest possible degree of protection IP68 / 69K

    The PW15 and SP4M series load cells have uniform footprint but different characteristics. They enable scales to be designed in a flexible design, thus enabling a wide range of applications. With their different specifications, they are ideal for the food, packaging and chemical industries as well as for trade and agriculture – and ideal for belt, floor, table and loading scales as well as filling and production systems.

    • The SP4M certified single point load cell made of aluminum and a very large nominal load range weighs particularly precisely up to Accuracy Class C6 Multitrange and an enormous maximum factor (Y value) of up to 20,000. In addition to explosion-proof versions for potentially explosive atmospheres, the load cell is available with additional options such as different connection cable lengths and balanced output for parallel connection.
    • The PW15B single point load cell is made of stainless steel and can therefore be used in a wide range of ambient conditions. It is also available in various explosion-proof versions, as well as with balanced output for optimum use in parallel-connected scales.
    • The PW15AH single point load cell is enormously robust, hermetically encapsulated, has the highest possible degree of protection IP68 / IP69K. The PW15AH load cell provides stable results under extreme ambient conditions.
    • The PW15PH single point load cell is extremely flexible and quickly replaceable thanks to an innovative plug system. With a hermetically welded device plug, it also fulfills protection class IP68 / 69K. The matching connection cables are also available from HBM.

    Universally applicable

    • Enabling flexible scale designs with wide applicability
    • Compensated corner load error (OIML R76)
    • 6-wire circuit for high signal stability
    • High EMC resistance
    • Tested quality with test report (OIML R60)
    • For multi-range applications with limited ranges

    Easy to customize

    • Very large range of available maximum capacities from 1 to 200 kg
    • Easy to integrate with compact design
    • Body made of stainless steel or light aluminum
    • Rugged to protection class IP68 / IP69K
    • Explosion-proof versions available
    • Specially protected cables and plugs
    • Suitable for parallel connection with balanced signal output

    Special accessories

    • Various cable lengths available
    • Different cable materials available (PVC, PUR)
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