Large Forces, Low Costs. The C6B can be used when large compressive forces need to be measured in a cost-effective way. The force transducer is robust and flexible and is ideal for use in harsh environments and dynamic measurement tasks.

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    The C6B Force Transducer: Robust and Flexible Measurement of Forces Ranging from 200 kN to 10 MN

    The C6B force sensor is outstanding for its particularly attractive price-to-performance ratio. The sensor design draws from the principle used in compression bars. The C6B enjoys very small displacements, which is ideal for the rapid measurement of large forces, for instance, in impact tests or fast fitting processes. Other typical fields of application include the harsh environments found in the construction, heavy, and metal processing industries. Additionally, the sensor can be utilized for dynamic measurements in research and development. The C6B is much more robust and flexible than its predecessor model, the C6A. Different types of connection can be used and the C6B is optionally available with a customized force application part. The versions up to 2 MN come with an internal bore that enables the use of a fold-back arm. This has proven particularly useful in anchor monitoring or the measurement of rope tension.

    Our tip: Order the C6B complete with its force applications parts. In this case, the sensor and the force application parts will be calibrated together, and you will benefit from a higher accuracy in your application.

    • HBM accuracy class: 0.5
    • Nominal (rated) measuring ranges: 200 kN to 10 MN
    • Degree of protection: IP68

    Cost-effective for measurements of large forces

    • Exceptionally attractive price-to-performance ratio
    • An internal bore facilitates the use of a fold-back arm (up to 2 MN)
    • For force measurements of up to 10 MN


    • Variants with a fixed cable or a connector are available
    • Optional TEDS, plug mounting, or rugged plug protection
    • Can be mounted both horizontally and over-head
    • Complete calibration with loading fittings is possible on request

    Robust and dynamic

    • Hermetically welded housing made of stainless steel materials
    • Models with an integrated cable provide IP68 protection
    • EMC-tested in compliance with the IEC standard
    • Tested for vibration and shock resistance
    • The high stiffness resulting from its small displacement facilitates a high fundamental frequency

    Extensive range of accessories

    • Load buttons
    • Thrust pieces
    • Spherical cap
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