Force Sensor for a Wide Range of Measurement Tasks. The multifunctional C10 force transducer is ideally suited for test bench and laboratory applications as well as for demanding tasks in production.

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  1. General Details

    C10 Force Sensor: For Test Bench, Production and the Laboratory

    The rotationally symmetric, low-profile C10 force transducer offers outstanding flexibility in test bench and demanding production tasks as well as in laboratory experiments. C10 is intended for use in dynamic and static measurement tasks and measures compressive force at high precision, even under unfavorable conditions such as high lateral force or temperature gradients.

    • HBM accuracy class: 0.03… 0.06
    • Capacities: 2.5 kN to 1 MN


    • Standard for precision
    • TC0 of only 75 ppm/10K
    • Minimal non-linearity, small hysteresis and excellent repeatability
    • High output signal of greater than 4 mV/V (from 25 kN capacity)
    • Extremely high resolution through high amplifier level


    • Made of corrosion-resistant materials acc. to DIN
    • IP68 degree of protection (with cable option)
    • Not affected by lateral force and eccentric load application
    • Vibration resistant
    • EMC approved


    • Many pre-designed, easy-to-order options allow for adaptation to the measurement task
    • Over 2500 combinations available – short delivery time
    • Different connectors, cable options, TEDS, double-bridge versions, etc. available
    • Accessories to be ordered separately: thrust pieces, connection cables, calibration services


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