AED Amplifier Boards

Digital AED Transducer Electronics. The AED makes implementation of your process control systems easy and convenient.

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  1. General Details


    The AD103C digital transducer electronics makes your process control and monitoring tasks easy and convenient. AD103C digitizes the signals from analog load cells and transducers without the need to make any new investments. AED enables you to benefit from the speed and precision provided by digital weighing technology, even with existing systems.

    Easy, direct, and powerful: Start up the AD103C transducer electronics in the twinkling of an eye. The whole electronics can be set up directly through the PC. The bus interfaces of the appropriate AED basic devices minimize installation work.

    AD103C is a DC amplifier board for resistive transducers. It is equally fit for dynamic and static applications as checkweighers, multi-station combination weighers, sorting plants, dynamic postal scales, and filling plants. The RS-232 interface ensures direct connection to the PC.

    Key Features

    • DC amplifier for resistive transducers
    • Designed for static and dynamic applications
    • Direct computer connection via RS-232 interface
    • Test report for 10000 d, class III according to OIML R76
    • High transmission rate and resolution
    • Memory for user settings
    • Command set for filling and dosing functions.
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