March 14, 2018

Intercomp WIM Sensors Are Pre-Screening In Colombia For Vehicle Enforcement

Intercomp Company (Colombia) – Intercomp’s Weigh-In-Motion strip sensors have been installed at four High Speed Weigh-In-Motion (HSWIM) systems in Colombia, operating as vehicle screening and enforcement sites for overweight vehicle identification. Significant heavy traffic transits Bogota via the Perimetral del Oriente highway in Colombia, and the WIM stations offer the concessionaire a reliable and accurate method to screen for overweight vehicles.

Regional integrator Básculas Prometálicos partnered with Intercomp for their experience with Weigh-In-Motion (WIM) sensors and electronics. The WIM sites gather weights at high speeds, and are coupled with cameras and electronics for identification of vehicles in violation, which are diverted to enforcement scales. As vehicles that are within weight limits are allowed to bypass the enforcement scales, both driver efficiency and the enforcement sites benefit from accurate WIM screening.

Identifying overweight vehicles on the highway is vital to maintaining the condition of the roadway, and keeping traffic safe from overloads. With investments made in expanding and improving the roadway, highway officials require classification of vehicles and accurate weighing of axle and gross vehicle weights.

Installed in 3 inch (70mm) channels cut into the pavement, the WIM sensors detect and measure axle and gross vehicle weights at speeds up to 80mph (130kmh). Deployed upstream from weighing enforcement efforts and coupled with cameras and other sensors, the WIM systems are used in for screening for axle and gross vehicle weight violations, indicating overweight conditions for further inspection and issuing citations.

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