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WIM Platform Scales

WIM Platform Scales are used for ASTM Type IV applications. Each scale consists of stainless steel hermetically sealed strain gauge load cells which are certified for accuracy and performance by US and European government metrology authorities

ACII™ Aircraft Scale System

The ACII™ Series Scales are a low cost and reliable scale system available to operators for weighing light aircraft to determine center of gravity

AC30-60™ High Capacity Scale

Intercomp's AC30-60™ Scale is the industry standard for high capacity platform weighing. These scales contain no outdated hydraulics or moving mechanical parts.

AC60-LP™ Low Profile High Capacity Scale

Building on decades of aircraft weight and balance experience, Intercomp's AC60-LP™ low profile scale sets the new industry standard for aircraft platform weighing scales

AC40-LP™ Low-Profile Scale

The AC40-LP™ 15" x 22" (381 x 559 mm) scale is designed to eliminate the need for long ramps and reduces overall towing distance.  With a platform and capacities large enough to accommodate the main gear of a B767, this scale is able to handle most any job

CSM™ Manual Test Stand

Manual Test Stands will meet your most exacting compression and tensile force measurement needs and offers the utmost in product life-cycle management.

CSA™ Automated Test Stand

Intercomp’s Automated Test Stands allow detailed testing for accuracy and offer the convenience and peace of mind of onsite instrument testing and verification

Jack Weigh EZ RFX™ Kit

Intercomp Jack Weigh EZ RFX™ Kits are available in a variety of configurations and can weigh anything from helicopters to business jets, military aircraft and narrow body aircraft.