December 7, 2016

American Airlines Acquires Intercomp Scales

Intercomp Company (USA) – In updating and standardizing their weighing equipment, American Airlines in Fort Worth, Texas has undergone installation and training for Intercomp low-profile platform scales for the narrow and wide-body aircraft in their fleet.

Acquiring a platform system that uses Intercomp GaugeSense shear-beam load cell technology, American Airlines takes advantage of the most accurate and repeatable load cell technology for weighing aircraft. Intercomp’s technology eliminates the scale warm up time, reduces time between weighing, and eliminates the need for centering of tires all of which was required with their older hydraulically actuated, piezo-sensing scale technology resulting in significant time savings for each weighing procedure.

As the manufacturer of the equipment most widely used by airlines, MROs, and airframe manufacturers in the world, Intercomp continues to provide state of the art fully electronic aircraft weight and balance equipment unmatched in quality, performance, and support.7

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