July 31, 2018

PT300DW™ Filling Scale: The Complete Filling Solution

Intercomp Company (United States) – When filling any type of open-top semi-trailer or end-dump trailer, knowing the amount of material that has been loaded is vital. Overloaded trailers may need to return to the filling site to offload material to comply with vehicle weight and safety guidelines. Intercomp’s PT300DW™ Filling Scale is the ideal solution to obtain accurate weight values when a trailer is disconnected from a semi-tractor. The portability of this product allows it to be deployed in most locations, saving a trip to a permanent, inground scale to verify load weight.

For transportation specialists in many industries, such as scrap metal, waste or material processing, measuring the weight of collected material is the best way to verify and track amounts prior to transport. The
PT300DW™ Filling Scale allows the load weight of an unhitched trailer to be accurately monitored as it is filled in the loading bay or yard.

This solution is ideal for situations where there may be space or structural limitations. The relatively small footprint of the PT300DW™ Filling Scale, coupled with the mobility of independently placed pads, allows for
deployment in most locations. In concert with the AX900™ product line, which boasts a variety of lengths to accommodate various axle groupings, from standard double axles to spread axle groupings, weights for virtually
any standard-width vehicle can be collected.

The scale offers a decrease in downtime with integrated solar charging, plus the added flexibility of built-in RFX™ Wireless Weighing and roller wheels included with each scale pad. The PT300DW™ Filling Scale, with
30,000 lb per pad capacity, is a variant of the time-tested PT300DW™.

The additional billet aluminum material added to the top of the scale resists the high point loading produced by the small surface area of landing gear feet on semi-trailers. Convenient roller bearing wheels were added to ease mobility with the stronger pad surface.

In addition, the PT300DW™ Filling Scales can be utilized as a stand-alone system, or with most Intercomp RFX™-enabled static scales and indicators, to weigh anything from passenger vehicles to shipping containers.

The thicker weigh pad ensures that the heaviest of mistakenly overloaded shipping containers or semi-trailers will not cause damage to the scale pad. This product is an ideal option for monitoring SOLAS (Safety of Life at
Sea) compliance.

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