October 9, 2018

NTEP Certification For Intercomp’s Low-Profile LP788™ Wheel Load Scale

Intercomp Company (United States) – Intercomp’s new LP788™ is now NTEP Class IIII Certified for direct enforcement for static wheel load weighing. With a weight of 39 lbs, the scale features single-person portability and ease of setup for rapid weighing of vehicles. At 0.85 inches tall and a 26 inch wide platform for dual tires, the digital scale uses Intercomp’s RFX™ Wireless Weighing Technology which transfers weight information without the use of cables.

The LP788™ NTEP certified model features a weighing capacity of 22,000 lbs per scale (44,000 lb per axle) which allows users to easily weigh heavy commercial vehicles. Incorporating fully electronic load cells, the scales use technology that actively compensates for temperature resulting in fast, stable and repeatable weighing. In-scale solar charging decreases reliance on batteries, and powers the digital display and wireless communication between scales and a variety of indicators. Scales can totalize the axle weight from two scales on a single display, eliminating the need to walk around the vehicle for readings, or the scales communicate wirelessly with indicators to display wheel and axle weights on an indicator.

Intercomp’s portable scale systems can be setup for weighing operations where enforcement efforts are most needed. The LP788™ low-profile scale system can be transported in a vehicle and set up by one person in under ten minutes. The LP788™ is also available with a capacity of 30 tons per axle and connects to a PC with optional Intercomp software via RFX Wireless communication.

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