November 3, 2014

Intercomp’s New And Improved CS750™ Crane Scale

Intercomp Company (USA) – Intercomp announces the launch of their new and improved CS750™ Crane Scale! This popular scale now boasts a new set of features reinforcing its position as the go-to choice for medium-duty industrial applications. With capacities ranging from 100lbs (50kg) to 1000lbs (500kg), including many NTEP certified models, the CS750™ can now be ordered with Intercomp’s RFX™ Wireless Weighing Technology.

Battery life has also improved; increasing from 500 hours of continuous use to an impressive 800 hours (5000 hours in standby mode); all while decreasing the number of D-cell batteries needed to power the unit down to just four. Additional keypad functionality has also been added including setting Tare, and the ability to accumulate and total a series of weight readings right on the scale. If direct power is required, the optional direct power chord has been upgraded from a barrel jack plug to a quarter-turn military-spec coupler for a more secure connection.

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